Top 10 SEO jokes

Because, even pros need to lighten up

Humor is an ideal way to connect with an audience or an individual. Industry-specific jokes such as SEO related humor provide an extra feel – reinforcing the identity of the industry members as the knowledge of the industry would be vital in making such jokes. The pun or joke is very well appreciated in this case. Truly, SEO related jokes are never boring – here are a few really funny that can easily lighten up your day – yes, it is not ideal to always take work too seriously. Let’s go!

Why did Tiger Woods drop his golf stick and start studying SEO?

To get back his number one ranking

Where is the best place to hide your criminal records?

The second page of Google

What is the favorite music of SEO?

Heavy Meta!

What is wrong with having lots of Pandas in same cage in a Zoo?

The act could be considered stuffing!

Why do SEOs love the typical farmers market?

There are usually lots of organic content.

What makes mobile marketers stand out as great parents?

They are responsive

Why did the SEO expert run across the road without any precautions?

To get hit with traffic!

What is a man with six fingers on one hand called?

Supplemental Index

What is an SEO with crabs called?

Parasite hosting

Why do SEO experts love monkeys?

They have long tails.

Working in SEO can be a really long, humorless and at times frustrating experience. The guy with inferior content might just rank ahead of you by using dirty SEO tricks and antics or Google might not always accept your requests. Worse still, your client might demand to be seen on the first page on the first day! Whatever the case may be, the best way to de-stress yourself and relax is to enjoy what you are doing – by laughing about it! Yes, while you must work hard, do not take things too seriously to avoid a burnout. Do you wish to optimize your career and get the best of it? Optimize your fun too!