Staying organised is a must

Why OCD-like personality is sometimes a friend not a bitch

It’s lovely, you are a freelancing marvel, a multitalented virtual assistant who’s savvy in tens of things, piled up skills like a squirrel on nuts and pines.
Thanks to these facts, your entrepreneurial life got a fantastic kick and projects fly in, one after an other.
And then a problem hits you…you don’t find things anymore, where is that group of files you need to deliver in 5…4..3…2…1…

You see, a bit of an obsession with orde would have prevented such an awkward situation. Start your business with a certain orde, and keep up with the system. From DAY ONE.

– Give every client an own folder on your computer.
– Every new assignment gets its own subfolder in the appropriate client folder.
– Name files and folders, if they haven’t been already or not on a way you would easily recognise them! Have logical naming conventions. This is serious business, it’s not the moment of jokes.
– While working on your projects, save your work in such files, and right into the appropriate folder. Land those there now, do not leave it for later. It won’t happen later, you know. That is how a terrible mess starts to take roots (this would be a good pun if  I would use Linux). One file and folder at a time. And that becomes hundreds.
– Once a week, before weekend for example, do a check on every folder and file! Are things where they belong to? Should I delete something? Is a backup to home server done (yes, you should!) ?
– Deleting is a must as well. You don’t need to keep every image, every document you have, not all of those are critical. Or even useful. Make space, and a better overview is created in seconds.

Backup device tip: Seagate Personal Cloud devices. Easy to connect and setup, its NAS OS software is frequently updated. 4, 8 or more Tbytes of space anytime. It is easy to establish connection with it, once it’s been connected on your network with a LAN cable, and it is really fast with file transfers. I am NOT an affiliate marketer of this product, I’m a user.



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  1. I’m a bit “OC” with my computer files, following many of the points you’ve highlighted here (naming, using subfolders, etc.), and I’ve found it’s really worth it because it saves time and energy when I do need to relocate those files. Nice post, thanks for sharing!

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