Outsourcing your blog

Just like any professional entity, no matter what freelancers do, they need a website. In 2018, that is just common sense. A creation of course with some quality to show, that goes for design and content alike.

Other common sense point, which isn’t always that common, that site needs a blog. A well-executed blog section with regular and related posting. Article crafts of a quality level you would want to present to the world.

But hey, we all work too, who has the time, right?!

I know from my own experiences, sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day, yet there is the itch in the back of your mind: my pretty little corner of the Net needs an update. You have options:

– You visit others’ blogs (wiser and more experienced freelancers/bloggers) for inspiration, reading their bullet point articles to get ideas for future topics. Still, you somehow need to find time to write about those, to present your fresh view about such.

– Give your blog of your pro site a break, although doing so can have an effect on numbers of readers, subscribers, eventually on Google Search Console results as well, if that break would take awfully long. There is a chance at least, although who would really ever understand Search’s working, truly in-depth, besides its creators?!

– Outsource this writing job, even if just temporarily until you work away your duties, to someone else. A freelance blog writer, with a reputation (reviews, portfolio) you find satisfying for a try-out.

I used the third option, and haven’t been disappointed. Of course, I selected carefully the person, and communicated well with the writer. And given my great experiences with, I’m certain about that I will use this option again. It doesn’t cost a fortune (Fiverr!), you get quality, you get it on time (at least, a good one does), and you get an enthusiastic person to build a recurring collaboration with, who’s always happy to jump in. Or even to help to think about new topic ideas.

Besides that you get your freelance site’s blog updated on time with fresh, marvelous posts, there is an additional benefit, one for the community: a freelance writer got your orders, and the earnings connected to those orders. And please, if the writer does an amazing job, as well as you expect, spend that little time and effort and submit that 5-star review for your helper! It means a lot.


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