The love-hate relationship with freelancing

The pros and cons of working as a freelance entrepreneur

There are some things in life you either like or love a lot, or hate with furious passion. We’re humans after all and emotions come often into the mix, in everything we do, we think of and experience.

There might be a few things however, we tend to love and hate in the same time. Or better, they have their pros and cons, we experience them rather grey. Honestly, freelancing is certainly such a thing. At least, for me it is. Here are the things I personally see as those pros and pesky cons. Remember, this is just me, others might see it entirely differently, although similarities could occur.


– Freedom of an own business. No management above, no co-workers to annoy while trying to earn the bucks,
– Decisions are my own, so are the future plans to expand, to connect. I create my own freelance-universe as I see fit. With all responsibilities come with it bundled, of course, and tasks,
– Own hours, own time. Also, own clients. I discuss and regulate everything with them about projects. No involvement (and backstabbing) of a third-, fourth-, or fifth-party.
– Earnings are fully own (ok, ok, taxes, I know), not a small cut, which is called a salary by someone else (who builds his villa from the rest of the money),
– Is it holiday time? I’m the only one to notify about the when!
– If I did everything right and keep doing so, I see an online business steadily growing (and I do see, just to mention),
– Building an own client list,
– Opportunities might occur to be part of some long-term business endeavours. Stable, recurring earnings, always welcome.


– Own boss, own risks! Shady buyers, ill will, earning falls out (sickness, temporarily shortage on orders in niche, etc), equipment problems (costs are own too), divorce sucks up time and energy, machines took over. Just to name a few.
– No managers, no co-workers. Which means, if the waves of task-ocean are high and many, there is one person only who can and must work himself through: me. And that can mean long hours, long days. After all, what we want: earnings, marvellous reviews and worshipping incantations with our name included, a website updated regularly, generally a good name, an ever expanding circle of returning clients.
– Taking care of everything: full online presence (and its updates), marketing, taxes, equipments, office space, communications, administration of archives and new items, invoices, threatening messages on “Y u no want to pay that?” (had recently one, I had to hold back documents until payment was done), and so on. Tens of things go through your head, and one can just hope all is done and well.
– Until a certain point of the freelancer’s career, let’s be honest, there is a varied level of uncertainty. It comes with the way of employment: self-employed. No guarantees on that you receive enough orders all the time, especially not from day one. There is a reason why many choose this path while still operating as employee too at a company of some kind. We all have a household, that household has members to feed: yourself, wife (this one might work as well), kid(s), cat(s) and dog(s), hobbits. We use electricity, water and other resources and also those must be payed every single month. Or at least that’s healthy, in orde to keep the services.

Well, that was it.
Or…was that really all?

Probably not. Again, millions of others can include here the points of their own experiences. But above examples are things to consider, digest.

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