Great ideas with weird timing

In our life there are moments when one is slapping self on the head and is thinking: I have quite a great idea! It doesn’t matter if it is about a feature, page of a website, social media campaign or super idea for a gig in writing, design. It can happen any time for any purpose, mostly when we don’t even try to force ourself to think about too hard.

That is awesome, especially if such ideas turn on your inner light bulb through the day, when you’re active, you could start working with them right away. Perfect!
But that isn’t always how things can go.

Sometimes ideas come in highly inopportune moments. When being in a busy traffic, a meeting, or, and I know some can relate: you would sleep, in fact, you’re already halfway to dreamland. And then, a really great idea hits you. What would you do? Would you let it slip, or would do anything to turn into a result? The next day, I mean.

I, personally, had both of the decisions in my life. First time when such an event occurred, I didn’t give a damn about. Frankly, not at all. I was in bed, tired, half in sleep. And that was a bad decision! First off, I couldn’t sleep very well further. Secondly, a really good idea has been wasted entirely. Forgotten, gone, forever. For the shame, Robert, for the shame!

OK, lesson learned. I trained myself to make notes and to be able to do so anytime. Google’s Keep and Microsoft’s OneNote applications are there to help. I use these as note taking applications. I use both, yes, on different reasons.

Google Keep is great when I just need to write down a few short thoughts, info, very few points as reminders. More work later, the most important notes are done.

OneNote is great to have real extended notebook pages. And within a notebook, putting down information or ideas in many related tabs, with graphs, charts, pictures. It is very ordered, good looking,  sophisticated. I couldn’t miss this application, nor I would want.

And you can use both of these wonderful options on any device, any platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the web. Both, on all of these. There is no reason, no valid excuse to miss a “genius” light bulb-moment ever again. You shouldn’t either, you’ll regret it. And when you have such a regret, there is no amount of cat videos could cure the feeling.

7 Replies to “Great ideas with weird timing”

  1. I’m a writer and a crucial scene in my last novel was written on the back of a Safeway receipt. It was a brief outline consisting of eight tiny sentences. I have no clue how I pulled that off and I did it all at a red light.

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  2. It totally happens, I too mostly get ideas while I am really busy at work or in the middle of my sleep and in both circumstances I always try to write it somewhere or else it would be lost forever….😊

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  3. Good point …. I have endless ideas, but sadly forget them rather too quickly. I had two over the weekend and have forgotten one already. Hopeless, but perhaps your suggestion will put an end to this.

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