Outsourcing your blog, part 2.

What writer do you need?

We already acknowledged together, the last time we talked about blog, there will come a moment when you need to outsource the writing for your blog of your (business) site. You’ll be, hopefully and probably, so busy with your freelance business activities (and a personal blog with that maybe, besides social life), that you just can’t update it always on time.

But, there are a few questions when it’s about that you have to make choices, when you have to choose from the many freelance writers available. How to look for possible quality, trustworthiness, and from all, what kind of writer do you need?

OK, the easier part first. How on Earth would you know or could you decide who to trust your project to from the writers on, for example, Fiverr or Freelancer.com? Although there are certain indicators that show you the level of expertise and trustworthiness, experience, the best way to decide is still a try-out!

In first round, sure, you should compare writers’ ratings, the comments they receive from their clients under their gigs, how they answer their clients back, and can they show any past works as proof of their expertise? You selected a few writers after comparisons?! Lovely. Let’s communicate with them and start the try outs!

Communicating with them (chat on those platforms) and a test work will ensure you get the pro you need. That you get the expected results in the future, quickly and with appropriate responses. Just don’t forget to put the test results into a few plagiarism checker services! Just to make sure all is really well!

But, what writer do you need? Any specialization needed? Are there any?

There are a few categories. The most important ones, without the need of a complete list:

Copywriter: this is the first here, because probably this is also what you’ll need. This is the category writer which will understand you the best, or chances are the greatest with this. Copywriter is writer for business. Think of ad campaigns, commercial grade web content, e-mail newsletters, business letters. If it’s about your business site’s blog, you might want to search for this explicit quality.

Journalistic writers: Many smaller and bigger news publications hire part time or full time freelance writers (sometimes with the outlook to a well-paying job contract). CNET, is such an online and well-known publication, for example. They’re in technology business, and there is a lot of need for articles in that segment. If such a writer isn’t specialized (like, to tech), then might be helpful. But in your case, more doubtful.

Ghostwriter: they write blogs, articles, books or other works and someone else gets the official credit. Many celebrities and politicians hire ghostwriters to compose their autobiographies, and some book series are credited to a single author when, in fact, multiple authors participated in the project. Definitely the type of writer to try out!

Creative writer: well, the naming says it all, I think: creative. This is any writing which simply said goes outside the bounds of professional (business), journalistic, academic, or technical writing. Creative writing is a more contemporary and process-oriented name for what has been traditionally called literature, and as such it consists many genres. My personal site is such a place. Holder of my new poems, humorous short updates, stories. But you can think of any creative type works under this: fun wedding vows, card texts, flash fiction, graphic novels, etc. There is a lot to cover. This is not typically your type of writer, but you can try (especially if you found one more compatible to your budget) as this category is holder of a huge bunch of geniuses, great talents.

Points thus taken from this:

  • Decide about and search for certain type of writers,
  • Read their descriptions about their expertise,
  • Read buyers’ comments, look at ratings,
  • Communicate with candidates,
  • Try-outs!

Get relaxed, now your blog will be in good hands!

Just threat your writer(s) well, they also work a lot and they do provide valuable services, beautiful results! If you can, don’t be shy to give a tip sometimes, on the top of their price.

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