Your gigs and your rules

Pricing your gigs, availability and descriptions

Finally you took the necessary steps, after discovering your key talents, and you’re online with your freelance business. You provide the products of your writing skills, designer talents, and/or musical spirit. Or almost, as you’re not sure about if your pricing is right, your description is adequate, your tags are the appropriate ones.


This part of setting up your business might be the most difficult to decide about. What could your service be worth, especially as a newcomer without rating or with very few? What are your efforts, your time worth? Is there a right price tag for?

What I did, and in my opinion you should do too, is looking at the established competition. Look carefully at their pricing, what they offer, their features and qualities. You will find an army of different freelance profiles with lower and higher prices. Put yourself somewhere in the middle!

You can’t offer the highest price, you just arrived into the scene, and in such a case, there are no 5-star customer feedbacks yet to support a decision like this. Or just very few. Certainly no hundreds or 1k+ reviews yet. Also, there is no reason to hit the bottom. Your talents and time, daily hard work must be worth something. Even more so if your profile provides some proofs regarding your skills and personality : past writings, design pieces, voice over acts, a professional video, just name it.

Hit a sweet middle spot, you can adjust it later anyway!


Be available daily! Or at least the workdays. Make availability for job types and possible communication channels clear on your website. People need to know that they can reach you and how, on what ways they can contact you. Thinks of things like: visible e-mail address, Skype chat button, contact form. These would suffice.

Keep your freelance profile online on the market services you’re signed up to! Customers like to search between the freelancers with an online status, knowing that they can get things rolling quicker with those who are seemingly available NOW.  Your profile could be selected more often, chances are greater.

Descriptions and Tags

It doesn’t matter what type of gig(s) you have online, you need proper descriptions. Well-written, with an appropriate length.
“Hello friends,
Buy my gig now so I write you posts you will satisfied and well ” – NOT such a description thus! I don’t think this would ever buy you a sandwich, let alone your new laptop or would pay the bills. However:

” I will be your Virtual Assistant with 100% accuracy. 
As your virtual assistant, I will treat your order  with 100% confidentiality, enthusiasm, making your workload as light as humanly possible. All that with polite and timely communication, well meant suggestions, positive attention.

  • Offline and Online Data Entry
  • Internet Research
  • Data collection from PDF/Image/Scan paper
  • Pdf to Excel
  • Copy/Paste 
  • PDF to MS Word and vice versa.
  • Data Capturing from the web (email, phone numbers -if available-, and website links)
  • MS Office
  • Business Card details in Excel
  • Manual Typing
  • Data Surfing
  • E-mails
  • Any Form Fillling, eventually creating
  • Proofreading
  • General administrative work

Note: Please contact me first before placing an order to check the availability, prevent confusion and receive a custom price for the job! “     – YES, such as this might do the magic (actually, it does).
I think the difference is obvious. Did you notice something? Yes, the Note at the end. You would like to use such a note at the end of your gigs. It is useful, it can raise awareness for timely communication to prevent awkward situations between you and your clients.

You should consider using, besides a great description, appropriate tags. Like: personal assistant, data entry, ms office, proofreading, design, logo, copy writing, blog post, etc. You got the idea. A few good tags for the right gig, depends on the nature of that gig. They’re important. Together with a good description, being online and good ratings, they can help buyers to find you. More often than others.

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