In the search of perfection

There was construction on this place, for you

Today is an in-between day, it’s Tuesday which isn’t usually an article posting day, but some things needed to be clarified. I think I should explain changes, I feel a certain level of responsibility towards my visitors.

Everything I do, I try to do with seeking the perfect ways to execute my tasks. No matter what we’re talking about: it’s a task provided by one of my gigs as freelancer, writing on my personal site, or plotting with my Bengal cat against other cats and for world domination. Always in search of perfection. This goes to my sites too.

It’s not just about the posts, of course they should be good enough. Does that have any value, is it worth anything if the site itself isn’t user friendly and fast enough? If visitors need to search for basic information far too long? No, I don’t think so.

That is exactly why this site has been tuned further (and tested). To load faster, to have a theme configured differently to be able to show more, being even more obvious, easy. Easy to find how to contact through a form, to find the mail address, to find author info if one wants that, or social buttons, recent and most liked articles….boom, everything became much more organised, no more hiding things.

I hope you like it and makes life a bit easier!
Have a great day!

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Author: Robert Varga

Animal and literature, music lover, family guy...what else...oh, yes, coffee addict as hell! Someone who has the dream of becoming a writer. You could call it a goal. I’m earning my living, just like my dear wife, as a freelance DOer, since May 2017. That was the point in my life when I decided, I take all the control back and started to build my little and ever since constantly growing online business.