Freelancing…but what?

Specific ideas on what to start online as a freelancer. Part I.

You decided to make the big and scary step towards independence: you’ll be freelancer! You open your own online business, get your own clients and no more dealing with employer(s), stable pay checks and coworkers. Congratulations, you’ve successfully ruined your future in just one day, with one decision!

Okay, that last sentence was just a joke. You can do it, you can make it, you just start it as a side hustle while keeping your regular job. Play it safe when you start!

But, to start… with what exactly?

While it is a terribly personal choice, heavily depending on your personal skills, experiences, hidden talents and education, I thought, it is still a bit worthy to consider a few points on choosing the type of gigs. Specific gig ideas, to be precise. Again, there is no universal rule which could be applied to everyone, but ideas won’t ruin you either, they won’t hurt anyone at all

  1. Freelance writing
    Quite obvious. You write all the time. For fashion magazines, technology blogs, news outlets, for business owners to create marketing materials. There are many opportunities if you have writing ambitions and a taste, talent for this type of job.
  2. Freelance photographing
    You need a creative spirit. You also need eyes for details, such eyes which can catch the moments and compositions others’ eyes can’t. Invest in cameras, lenses, tripods, editing software and learning! If your plan is to do it professionally, that will cost. It will cost money, time, efforts on practicing and failing. Time and money for travelling. But it is sure fun.
  3. Virtual Assistant services
    This type of gig gives you the opportunity to have diversity. To do a few different type of tasks for your clients, those which you choose to advertise, of course. There is no rule what you HAVE TO put on your V.A. profile. Think about what your skills are, the things you can do for a business:Offline and Online Data Entry
    Internet Research
    Data collection from PDF/Image/Scan paper
    Data Capturing from the web (email, phone numbers -if available-, and website links)
    Manual Typing
    Handling webshop orders and related e-mail communications
    General administrative work, handling phone calls.
  4. Creating blogs, websites
    Although it became much easier and much more user friendly, there is still a need out there to have a savvy buddy, helping with registering and creating a blog, website, to fully customise, advice, install themes, plugins, choosing host, etc… If you know what you do and have a little creativity in you, experiences (perhaps with your own sites), you could make a gig out of it.
  5. Translating
    This is my best selling gig. Translating, in my case, between 3 languages. Of course, you can translate between much more or one less, I don’t know how many languages you’re great with, speaking fluently and writing well in. Use all of them, translators are ALWAYS wanted! Seriously, all the time.There is much more, so much more ideas what to do, five is a very low number. Which is why:

         To be continued…