Freelancing…but what? No.2.

Specific ideas on what to start online as a freelancer. Part II.

While it is a terribly personal choice, heavily depending on your personal skills, experiences, hidden talents and education, I thought, it is still a bit worthy to consider a few points on choosing the type of gigs. Specific gig ideas, to be precise. Again, there is no universal rule which could be applied to everyone, but ideas won’t ruin you either, they won’t hurt anyone at all. Second chapter.

  1. Proofreading and editing
    This is another type of job where you can use your language skills, grammar talents. All what you need is: patience, eyes for details, time, absolute skills with grammar and spelling (flawless!), coffee. That last one, a lot!
  2. Make music, create jingles
    There are possibilities here. You can create shorter-longer tracks, jingles to help other artists, video creators. Create for ads, company projects, games, just name it. If you have the musical talent, the ears and the heart for, and some audio hardware and/or software, play away!
  3. Social media marketing
    You’re a marketing talent (even if hidden yet for the moment) and you know all the ins and outs of social media practices, tools and tricks, advertising, creating spectacular posts and comments to engage with a greater audience. Go and Facebook for money then!
  4. Applications for mobile and web
    Popular, very popular, and on good reasons. With the right coding, design skills and knowledge there is a lot to do these days on this particular field. There is always a need for great programmers, there is money to earn. But this is the type of job probably which also needs the most: being fluent in at least one relevant programming language combined with some experiences. Being good with more than one such coding language makes you of course even more wanted and involved. Also, being a multi-language talent is more and more often a must, not just a pré. And keeping your knowledge up-to-date, always learning!
  5. Designer (logo or others), illustrator
    This is another sector, although crowded as hell, which can land you well-paying gigs, good incomes. Given, you have the graphical power, the artistic blood, you’re creative, and you have even built an illustrious  portfolio. Show the world your colourful best!