5 ways to build confidence as a new freelancer


Welcome to Freelancing 

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’ve become a freelancer. Congratulations! You’ve just embarked on a new journey. Freelance writing is one of those professions where you get to choose your hours, projects, and what you want to write about. Clients post jobs on different sites, and you get to choose the ones that align with your interests.

 Of course, sometimes we all look at that accept job button, wondering if we’re right for the job. That hesitation is due to a lack of confidence in our own writing abilities.

Lack of Confidence

People lack confidence for many different reasons. Constant putdowns or fear of rejection are a few factors that contribute. That anxiety can prevent new freelancers for taking jobs that would be great opportunities to build a rapport with clients. Even I have experienced this doubt a bunch of times.

There are ways to help you to boost your confidence. 

1. Talk with Other Writers

 In my experience, I’ve found that getting feedback from other writers helps to build confidence. I’ve been writing for over five years. I’ve built many relationships and received both positive and negative feedback for my stories. Through this, I’ve been able to improve my writing skills. I’ve also received encouragement and ideas from other writers on how to market my writing, and I’ve been able to offer my assistance to others as well.

 2. Write About Your Interests

Another point to be made is that we all have various interests. Over the years of our lives, we’ve been exposed to numerous subjects that give us expertise on certain topics. Even if you aren’t the expert, you can certainly write like one. However, even if you can write about anything, specializing in a few areas is a better bet. If you’re trying to build confidence, writing for one or two types of the market can help you improve your skill and knowledge in those areas.

 3. Don’t Be Upset Over Rejection

Rejection is tough, no matter if it’s in work or in your personal life. Many of us take it badly, even when it’s not personal. In writing, it’s bound to happen. If one of your articles gets rejected, don’t take offense to it. Editors aren’t trying to discourage you from writing. Sometimes your tone may just not match that of the company you’re pitching to. Perhaps you missed a few grammatical errors. Sometimes, a client will ask you for a revision to fix those errors, but if they don’t, it’s okay. Just because one venue didn’t like your work doesn’t mean another won’t.

 4. Write Every Day

 If you want to gain more confidence in using a skill, you have to practice. You can write every day, even if it’s a little blurb, to keep the skill fresh. The more you do it, the better you will become, and you’ll become faster at it too!

5. Take Risks 

The most important thing to remember is to take risks. So often, we allow our minds to take over and direct us, and the negative thinking can cause you to avoid taking risks. In the writing world, the risks really can’t hurt you. Even if you think you can’t accomplish a job, take a chance. Sometimes, that’s what the clients are looking for. 


At the beginning of my writing career, I have already had a great deal of writing under my belt. I looked at jobs on a board and kept thinking about what I didn’t know. Eventually, I started taking many small jobs, some that reflected my own interests, and writing the articles was a lot of fun. Then, I started seeing those job types less and less, and I had gotten a few rejections as well. I was a bit discouraged, but I kept trying. Eventually, I saw this large project on a topic I knew only a tiny bit about. Still, the main part of the project consisted of researching different products and conveying important information about them. Being a researcher, I knew I could do it. I hesitated. Not for long, though. I knew if I passed the opportunity up, I would regret it, and so I accepted the job before I could let my brain tell me otherwise. The client loved my article and promised me future work. It was definitely a risk worth taking. 

 Moving Forward

I’ve given you some personal accounts on my experiences because I believe we can all relate to one another in some aspect. So, moving forward, don’t worry so much about what you think you can’t do, and just do it. You won’t regret taking the chance, and those experiences will help you to build your confidence to new heights. You just have to start now.

By: Tomislava



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  1. Yes, you’re right, as a freelancer you need to take a risk. However, one should be wary if the freelancing (writing) job is legit or not. There are a number of scammers out there.


  2. You’re right, practising improves our writing. I got out of the habit for a couple of months and it showed. Am back on the straight and narrow again now, but it’s been hard work!


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