Digital Nomad: Is it right for you?

In their lives, the office is where the internet is, and nomadic jobs are becoming the normal jobs of new generations. They are digital nomads.

Everyday ringing alarms at 6 am and working at the full-fledged office makes you anxious? You don’t have to worry about it anymore, nomadic jobs are becoming the usual jobs of new generations.  There are more and more people who do not have the problem of going to the other end of the world for business challenges. Being a digital nomad means working independently of the location and to work with the full benefit of all the digital communication tools available to us.

Business trends are going in that direction, and office jobs will be less workable. Data shows that there is 53 million freelancers, or 34% of the workforce, in America, and are predicted to grow to 40% by 2020. Modern nomads are creators of various types (developers, designers, copywriters, marketing experts, journalists, PR experts …) and would not be without the advances in technology that has completely changed the perception of office and work as we have understood it so far. The traditional office environment is replaced by some new places – from the beach and the hostel to the coworking space. The benefits of digital nomads are great – you are organizing your time, you do not have to spend time on the trip to the office, you can be where it suits you.

How do digital nomads find their clients?

The life of digital nomads seems fun and relaxed, but a big problem can be just finding new customers. When it comes to clients, some of the questions are: is it better to cooperate with foreign or domestic clients, does the co-operation need to be long-term or short-term? If you are a digital nomad, content on a blog, Youtube channel, Facebook page or Instagram profile can have a big role in finding clients. It also depends on what customers you are looking for.

Is ‘personal branding’  important for success?

Personal branding is extremely important. A website or blog is the beginning of everything. Make sure you have a custom personal domain, create quality content, and people will come. You need to create as much content as you are related to what you are doing to position yourself as an expert in the field and end up helping people at the end of the day. It takes a lot of time but this should be seen as an investment in your business. The content you publish must be very good, and you need to recognize the moment and theme.

How a digital nomad organizes its time?

When you have the freedom to manage your own time you need to be extremely maneuverable throughout the day to complete all your planned tasks. You can do this by writing down tasks in planners, running your own diary, using time organizer applications, etc. Still, the deadline is the best motivator. It is also important to me to work with people who understand me and that I feel good.

Can a digital nomad really work from any corner of the world?

The freedom of digital nomads is limited by some factors, such as a functional computer, high-quality Internet connectivity, and customer agreement. However, that does not stop digital nomads to work from the most interesting places in the world. Some clients can look for fixed deals, but you can always negotiate with them.

How much can digital nomads earn?

The question of earning is always interesting. Digital nomads depend only on their own efforts and wish how and how much they want to work. Is there a limit to the earnings of digital nomads and how do they recognize that limit? The answer is that you can earn as much as you are willing to work.

After all, you’ve read, you might be wondering how to become a digital nomad. Maybe you want to know from where you should start? To begin with, find out what you want to do and how to do it online. Then explore the examples of others who do this successfully. Write everything as a project you are doing for the client. Define your services and how much you will charge. Then start with personal branding, create a website, open social networking channels and create good content.

To conclude, people are slowly becoming aware of their priorities. There is work here for life, not the life for work. Do whatever makes you happy and entertain yourself, and without that, it does not make any sense.

By Tomislava