How to invest in real estate

Buying a property is certainly one of the best forms of investment

You can also invest in gold, stocks and investment funds, but most people believe that real estate investment is the safest thing. One of the key reasons for such a situation is the financial losses experienced by citizens who invested in stocks and investment funds over the past decade. It is clear that higher earnings can be made by investing in real estate and it’s more profitable than the interest of time savings.

Interest savings in euros are less than one percent on a period of one year term. Investment in real estate is at this point much more cost-effective compared to foreign currency savings.

If you want to invest in real estate, at the very beginning you need to know what kind of real estate you are looking for and in which period you expect a return on invested money. Buying real estate as a form of investment with the goal of making rental income is a serious life and business venture. 

Be well informed

If you are not well-informed, your investment could end up with a loss. Take a look at real estate market trends, take time to look at specific places, educate yourself in the area, look for investment books, and listen to expert advice. Follow the urban plan of the region that interests you and find out when planning to start building.

Wait for the perfect shopping opportunity

Do not forget to keep track of real estate auctions from executed foreclosures. A good opportunity is also a change in urban plans when it is almost worthless and cheap land can be transformed into lucrative construction parcels.

Buy a smaller apartment

Are you thinking about buying an apartment through which you will be able to earn income? Then look for smaller flats where the price per square meter is lower. This is better than buying a larger apartment or real estate, because you will rent a smaller apartment much easier and provide a steady source of income.

Think about the future

Real estate prices are growing in the long run, so the value of the money you invest in real estate will grow. When you finance a mortgage loan, you can pay part of the loan from rental income. That way you will be able to easily sell real estate when you go to retirement and ensure a peaceful and enjoyable age, or you can raise your living standards by relying on rental income.


Location and real estate position also play a big role in choosing real estate. The location also affects the price factor of a particular property. All attractive locations, such as larger cities and popular tourist attractions, usually have more expensive properties.

These steps are the basis for the start of the investment process and ensure timely planning and routing, which will speed up and facilitate your search and make you ready for any changes and surprises on the real estate market. Do not be indecisive about investing in real estate, for everything there is a solution through a good plan and organization!

By Tomislava