About Robert

Hi there again,

As it’s been told at the welcome moment, you’re on the pages of the personal site of Robert Varga (or, Robert Trance V. at places like SoundCloud, thanks for my lifetime love and devotion for trance music and sub-genres), where the sun always (now, almost) shines, and there are cute tales about his Bengals, and other little things of life…

Me and my first Bengal tiger, Roxy…we have another one, his son, see below…

As the first, welcome page suggests, everything goes as for topics: nature, animals, satire, sarcastic opinions of life’s happenings, my personal experiences, literature; a huge mixed bag, preferably with a healthy load of humor here and there. That is how I love the days, with a sense of humor, conversating when just possible, reading all the books I love (from Shakespeare to Dean Koontz, many genres), learn in interests, develop, and love my little family: my wife Katherine, our two tigers. And our surroundings, its natural occurrences.

We currently live in the Netherlands (at the moment of writing of this late coming About post, 11th of March 2017.), but that might be a subject of change. We love our neighborhood, with springs and summers it is wonderfully green, full with life, flowers, and many good people live around us. Pleasant environment. We’re just thinking about to see something else too, perhaps far, far away…

I’m currently on the path to develop writing skills, this blog supports that effort, but that is of course not the only focus. Writing fascinated me early, since the age of ten years approximately, and I feel now ready to share. I just love it.

The little one, 5 months old Bengal kid, Diego. Here, watching our favorite cartoon…no kidding.
My wife, Katherine, with…you know already… 🙂

I would like to grab hereby the opportunity to thank you for your time you spend here and maybe reading some of my writings, it is wonderful having you here as my reader. I hope you’ll enjoy, or already did, and could find at least a little piece of entertainment in the content this site can offer, or have no regrets of some of my book, video recommendations.