When the lions sleep

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for…” – of course you were, I know. Here we go, another ‘awwww and ahhhh’ update from us.

This is, in contradiction with past posts (101 pieces like the Dalmatians), more a photo blogpost and much less text. Interwebz told me, you supposed to have a short attention span and I should type less, show more. Ok. 

Actually, I do have some awwwwwww- grade pictures, fresh, to show you, thanks to Bengal mama Roxy and ever growing son Diego (who, by the way, listens to the name of MiPoo…yep, there is in fact a story behind). A new episode of sleeping anatomy of the mini lions. Grrr… Well, here:

Amazing, right, what one can do with smartphones these days. With a OnePlus 3T, as you might remember. Eyes, hands, patience and a good device. Awesome combinations.

There is one new picture my wife made while she was walking in the village with Roxy, when she happily rolled on freshly cut gras in the morning warmth and sun:

That face!! 😁 

I keep you safe

Cats are simple, cats are also sophisticated. Much like we are. Even more Bengals, they are creatures of affection, love, care and a lot of opinions

Just like ours. Roxy (2y ears) and her son Diego (now 7 months old, on this photo below a much younger little boy). Heartfelt. Sure, they can be loud, they can be opinionated, never afraid to express complaints if they think they should. Also, especially Roxy, never afraid to come and give a loving face, a quick and clean expression of: ” you count as the most, you are above all. You feed us, you teach us, you give us security for our lives. You taught me what love is, now I teach mine!”

And she did. She sure did, with some help, a great job. The boy, though older, as sweet in every aspect as mother always has been and still is. Example of how, seemingly simple, creatures can be sophistiCATed as much as we are.

“I keep you safe son!”

When I saw this moment between them, I couldn’t let it fly into oblivion. I had to capture it. I keep heartwarming moments for later, building memories (as we do with wife), look at them later again. Secure what is precious.


Photo Challenge: Security


20170109_214432 (1)

3 months later, to the E.R. again

Bengal cats are fun, a lot of fun, very loving and playful, highly intelligent. Most people by now know this and we, lovers of these animals, choose consciously for the race.


But, just like above facts, also true that they come with their own less perks: sensitive to some things, diseases, poisonous objects outside, bit more than usual housecats. I do know. End of december, our adult one had quite a sick week with a virus infection, despite all the shots received on time as should every pet, and despite the healthy, quality food and care. Sometimes you are just out of luck, simple.Clinic in, clinic out, then switched to a better equipped location, where we just on time received the proper type of examinations and medications. Phew, just could avoid that the issue would grow to a rather lethal one.

Mere 3 months later, this morning when I stand up, I see, Roxy isn’t standing up with me and not welcoming as usually she would, very talkative no matter what time it is, nor asking for her tuna impatiently. I really got suspicious and alarmed when I saw her dry food complete, untouched, as was her water. I call her, nothing, just looks a bit up slowly, then putting head back. Oh boy, I thought, something troubles her again inside. Well, when she started the throw up, with big difficulty and with some pain, and slowly her fur changed to a troubled look, it has hit me: clinic ride again! She smelled or licked on something outside, had a contact with the wrong cat maybe (enough in the neighbourhood), as she is allowed to play and enjoy the spring sun and grass behind our streets (often she walks and plays with us too).

Dressed, grabbed a food quickly to have less an empty stomach, while called the ER animal clinic to be prepared, we are coming soon. Again. The lady on the phone would have started with a lament about how maybe we should go to our neighbourhood’s clinic and so, but I absolutely wasn’t in the mood for, this WAS again an emergency and they are an ER, so after answering with these facts shortly, I projected her the possible time when we arrive and better be ready to provide Roxy the care she needs. I just really wasn’t in the mood for a longer chat unnecessarily, I do not take risks with family and friends. Well, suck it up. 🙂

Fortunately it doesn’t seem to be a serious viral issue as last time, more like a lighter poisoning (could be even something between the grass outside, surely not food, she is very picky), no fever at all, after a proper measurement and examination. Infuse, three type of medical injections with, she behaves already better again. Sleeping peacefully for now. We’ll see later how her food intake is going to be and behaviour.

But, again a situation to remind us: they are cute, they can be strong and fierce looking, but they still are delicate creatures, sensitive reacting to some stuffs, circumstances. We have to keep always at least one eye on them, but rather both whenever possible, and analyse their behaviour, their fur carefully. Something bad, crucial change can happen from one to another moment, few hours tops, and quick decision making process can be of huge importance. There is a life to help!

Cat-i-pedia of sleeping

No matter what race, cats are incredibly cute. That is stating a fact like Captain Obvious, I know, but there is a reason why I’m starting this post.

They are cute when they play, especially (in my opinion then) Bengal cats (but we love all others as well!), eat, talk to us, look fascinated to birds…or…sleep! Sleeping, let’s admit honestly, their cutest moment and more often than not, HILARIOUS!

We’ve made a lot of photos and videos about our Bengals, we love to have memories and we’re both avid cat lovers, so logically, we have a lot heartwarming and funny shot about their resting moments. Below a little selection, starting with a short video, just for the ‘awwww’ factor:


And the photographs in a slideshow (handy option I believe, no long scrolling involved for you):


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The tiger’s morning

It is even easier to understand that a different season starts, when Bengal tiger mama is coming, day after day, far too early in the morning above your bed and head to “invite” you both to outside (after tuna time!), sneaking close enough to your ears, and says: “Rightttt meoowww!” accompanied by funny faces like these (made other days, with same “requests”) :

bengal cat mama and son waiting

bengal cat mother's demanding face



Well, obvious, he?! First step (pic no.1.), inspecting if there is enough attention towards her, and if not, step two, there comes the ‘Right meow!’ command with high enough pitch in audio to make sure that the amount of attention necessary to please the queen is going to be received.

Next to her, peacefully, her 5 months old son is sitting, also on above photographs (as well as this morning at our bed), probably to get educated from early on…in…blackmailing 101! 😀

You gotta love the a**hats…

We surely do.

And after they got their royal feeding, I was allowed for mine, and Catherine, my wife too, with our more than necessary coffees, and waited until the weather is less chilly, it’s coming to a nice temperature, sun is up, and hurray…family walk through parks, bushes!

cats love climbing

She just loves these walks together. As a Bengal, she always has been very attached, very social, intelligent, and with that high EQ (not equalizer, no…she doesn’t have that). She just wants to do things together, simple is that. And it is better you want too, otherwise….you WILL anyway, ha-ha!

Actually the group walk has been our idea, we got her used to at a younger age, more on safety reasons, keeping an eye on her and also being curious what she does outside anyway, so, as a smart kid and now adult, she didn’t forget how much fun it is to run and walk together, “harass” wild birds together (not literally, no animal cruelty involved, our family, obviously, loves nature) with smiling to each other and teaching her that climbing trees is OK, no need to be afraid.

roxy the bengal cat on shoulders

With latter, climbing trees, she got comfortable, now she sees the fun in the activity, yet the company is still and always welcome. A human is seemingly a great ladder and one works like telescope: at wish puts me up to the tree, or providing surface to step down. Like this fun moment this morning:

cat ladder provided by man's shoulders



Yes, once you start to raise a Bengal, they grow to you, they love you, and it is for a lifetime. You become family for her, most important part of her life, not to part from. No conditions, no strings attached, except for maybe: they ask some from your time. We happily give it, for both, mother and son.

And finally, after enough running, climbing and playing around, they get their well earned lunch and rest time. Cute when they are gone to dreamland…well, they are always…even when not so, at 5.30 a.m. on Saturday, cuteness looks a bit mixed with a screaming Doom’s face, but otherwise, just look:

cat familys rest after playing

bengal cat mama's and son's love



I told you…