Love and Lies

Quote of the month:

From all the poems written on the subject of unrequited love, there are so few on the pain of being the object of that affection. The truth is, Hayley, it’s not love on which the strongest foundations are built. It’s the decency of merciful lies.

Let it sink in.

klaus from originals
The vile wise, Klaus

Cover picture of this post is a courtesy of KellCandido. 

Store fun

We had a nice shopping day last saturday, and with that, we took a little time to inspect some interesting stuffs, could be (ever) great for our home, garden once.

Once the 6-digit (!!) price drops. Drops by a large margin, my goodness. Like the price of the lawn mower below. Quite pretty thing, sure, but when I saw the price label. F@!# off was my first reaction, then a laugh.

Probably it is nice to work with this item, hell comfortable for sure, and it even comes with a cupholder, but let’s just wait until it gets even more expensive. Like from nuts to insane, would sound so much better as bragging right. Lé sigh…

What do you think, would you buy such?! You like these things?!


No, not a typo, no melanoma. Or melanomamania. Or melanomania-ma. Truly there is here in this village an ongoing melon-mania, though, it is entirely well meant. In the last one week time we received a total of seven pieces of melons. For free, as gifts.

melon shower
We don’t normally eat this much, but we accept a juicy challenge. Especially in 35C degrees

In fact, everyone did receive, it is from the village lead itself and the local store. There is  lot this year and gets shared. As villagers told us, also other stuffs get sometimes shared for free, like paprika, tomatoes, potatoes, and so on. Depends on how much there heas been produced and from that hom much is just too much. Over produced items maybe, amount.

That is when greed just has no role, and regularly you find stuffs outside, at your gate, or, you just get such with a visit at your local grocery store, like happened most recently. Accompanied by a smile and fabulous greetings. Warms my heart. And of course I share these kind moments of life with you, just to show you: there is still hope.

fruit ninja
How the fruit ninja app might have started…
And there was the One…one the creepy, so we sliced him first…before…

I have myself never seen such happening, nor my wife Catherine as she told, we both were surprised, but appreciated the efforts, the gesture. Rather this than hostility of course.

When life gives you fruit…

…it’s usually not lemon. Not here at least.

The lately a bit mixed summer weather has its good sides:

  • Little pause with the heat from time to time,
  • We finally received enough rain the last few days,
  • Thanks to the rain and sun combination, fruits are progressing better in the garden and front yard,
  • More blossoms on other plants.

I, of course, still love a nice, happy, warm summer, but it isn’t too disturbing to be able to breath sometimes. And that nothing would burn out, die, in a constant heat and dry season. Now I certainly can’t complain, we got it well. Thank you Big Momma Nature! 🙂

On the other hand: how are YOU all? How is life on your side of the world? I would want to encourage you,visitor, to use the comment section, it’s entirely free. Don’t ever worry if you’re not the usual nice WP-member and you leave a nasty, spammy, negative, or dirty comment. It will be deleted nicely and your arse blocked forever. 😀  So, it’s all OK.

Also Maze, our new member of the family is quite satisfied with current situation, and she shows it:

Mazikeen, the shepherd kid
Mazikeen the mini queen 🙂

Of course, she is now in a loving home; cleaned, fed well and playing as much as she wants. With our limbs as well. Hey, a kid is like that always, right?!


Volume of a bus (ride) and a Jedi

Test your luck! Probably that was Karma’s motto a week ago when a bus ride for us went hilariously wrong.

And things always happen when you just don’t have the time, need to catch a train later and your whole day is on a time sensitive mission. And in a country like this, it really gets you unprepared, you don’t count on such an event. When your bus says…well, does not say anything just starts to smell inside weird and it must stop. Midden in a trip to an other town, between two, as it becomes dangerous to travel with. We don’t know just suspicion we can have that the engine burned somewhere inside.

While we pushed that volume away to a better spot to stand, one of the passengers found the moment perfect to play Last Jedi in advance…second from the right, pushing, is Me.


Eventually, but already very late, an other bus came to save the day.

Anyway, you can’t continue with a vehicle which leaks dangerous gasses into the passenger area, more and more so, while engine (probably) is kicking the last. After all, we all had that silly wish to arrive alive to our destination. A destination on this world, not an other one… 😀

Systems, coffee and summer

I haven’t been as often as I thought I could, but the week was a joy anyway. I was busy, as you already could assume: great weather, cats, coffee and operating systems. This last one has been an activity of installs and tests, as I am someone who just cannot WASTE his new laptop on Windows, so I have reviewed, for myself, few linux distributions I loved in the past too, and picked one for my desktop: Old beloved openSUSE Tumbleweed with the Plasma desktop.

I could use Windows 10, but I just love freedom.

Freedom in every aspect of my life, and if that is true, then it goes to my desktop as well. Choosing the amount and type of software goes onto my PC, setting up myself the grade of security, with the tools I do choose for, the way I like it, not a company. I love that I do NOT have to trust a commercially interested company with no ethics and consciousness with them having 24/7 access to my computer (with valuable data and activities on). I love that they CANNOT screw it up with their incompetent updates, forced whenever they see to fit. And that I don’t have to accept their agreement which nobody could ever read through (boring and long)anyway. And from all, I love most the fact that I can use a system makes much more sense and does things as common sense would dictate, and not wasting my time unnecessarily.

But let’s not go on without making recommendations for those fellows are thinking about a switch and ditch. My favourite distributions of Linux in orde of LOVE:

openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE (Plasma 5.xx desktop today)
Manjaro with XFCE (Arch for those who want things easier, faster)
Xubuntu (Ubuntu derrivative with XFCE)
Ubuntu (Unity greatness, but heavier load)
Fedora (because you like challenges and want to be able to appreciate above four distros more)

You are free, so, make yourself entirely free, shatter your digital chains… 🙂

In other news: Roxy, our Bengal mama, amazed my mind again! Yesterday evening she reminded me that I promised her earlier we go out for our usual walk and play time once the heat goes down…a promise made is a debt unpaid. I take such seriously. She is smart and sweet. My intelligent tiger and friend.