The sentence

I’ll save you from yourself
From those demons of the night
They promise fame and fortune
All that you eagerly desire.
I’ll save you from yourself
From those voices calling you
Sell your soul to evil
Then you’ll be dancing forever.


Credits: Eric Lévi and his group ERA (Award: World Music Award for World’s Best Selling French Album)

Sentence is from the album ERA 2 from 2000. It is the 4th song out of 10 on this spectacular collection of works. Also, IMO, the last good, meaningful and quality work of the group before an inevitable downward-spiral.


Village Day experiences

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Whether it is or not, I am here. With a little colourful (note, UK spelling) report about our town’s (village’s)  Village Day, which gave yesterday for everyone the opportunity to socialize even more and know each other better. Despite the fact that everyone knows always everything about everyone else, or, it seems so.

It was a great saturday: a stage with live music, comedy, karaoke contest; cooking everywhere, on many spots outside above open fire; contests for young and old(er-,est), games, great drinks and fun colours. All that in gorgeous summer weather, around 30 C the whole day. All you could see happy people playing around, eating, baking, chatting (gossips for free!). No worries, no hurries. A place filled with joy, organised by the mayor, town hall, in collaboration literally with the entire village! Amazing.

A little photo report (mind the captions!):

Fun means different things for everyone…was painfully obvious at moments!
What goes in front…
…comes out the bottom! 😀
Well, I think the parents wondered this at first. The child friendliness of the presentation?!
The Country Oven is ON. Country Oven has been built in 2012 together with other towns, in collaboration, and opened with great ceremony.
And tasty things came out. Better presentation than the blow up lion… 🙂
Boys be boys! If it is about a fun day together, we shoot. With air guns only, of course
This is me, having fun….
…and even more now
He looks great, if I may say so myself 😀


The award winning pose! 😉
Mrs. MC VillagePeople.
One of the Country Oven’s products. Fresh, hot, delicious! Made with love….and flour, cheese, eggs, water and all. Lust some?
‘The stage is OURS’…almost literally.
Oh yes, did I say there was REAL cooking involved…
Everything everywhere for every age. That is a community really together!
You know….
‘Just checking…’- eating your food disguised as help, LOL. It’s OK, everyone cooked for everyone.

What I’ve seen and learned hereby is, great things happen when 1000+ people decide to live and not just exist together, in peace by conscious decision, and don’t give a f…feather about anything else for now.

Thanks again

Another month, another award to be nominated for by a wonderful follower, blogger and friend of my place here, she made obvious many times over: Roda,  once again, voted to me kindly.  I highly advise, if you haven’t done so already, to visit her beautiful site. Chances are great you will find posts enough for your liking to read away…I know I do.

Many thanks for her, and for the readers and commenters, for the continued support, extremely positive attention, appreciation for the crime I committed by opening in January and by maintaining ever since this blog site. Glad you like it, really glad for, and I sincerely hope I will have you on board for the rest of the year as well as in the next one (if there will be).

Now, pop the champagne folks!

champagne popped



We’ve got Talent…and we’ll show

Truth to be told, I’ve lost my mind and never found it again.

Still, I have next year an audition! The biggest talent show challenge exists: Got Talent series, and from that, Britain’s Got Talent.

britains got talent 2018
Filled and sent the online form, done is done!

What will I do?!

Comedy, good old stand up, and will have one or two good remarks for Simon Cowell as well. I like that judge the most, so I gotta screw his mind a bit up. I have a few comedy show to present there, some material thought of and bringing some elemental sarcasm and wit.

Exciting times are coming… 😀



No, not a typo, no melanoma. Or melanomamania. Or melanomania-ma. Truly there is here in this village an ongoing melon-mania, though, it is entirely well meant. In the last one week time we received a total of seven pieces of melons. For free, as gifts.

melon shower
We don’t normally eat this much, but we accept a juicy challenge. Especially in 35C degrees

In fact, everyone did receive, it is from the village lead itself and the local store. There is  lot this year and gets shared. As villagers told us, also other stuffs get sometimes shared for free, like paprika, tomatoes, potatoes, and so on. Depends on how much there heas been produced and from that hom much is just too much. Over produced items maybe, amount.

That is when greed just has no role, and regularly you find stuffs outside, at your gate, or, you just get such with a visit at your local grocery store, like happened most recently. Accompanied by a smile and fabulous greetings. Warms my heart. And of course I share these kind moments of life with you, just to show you: there is still hope.

fruit ninja
How the fruit ninja app might have started…
And there was the One…one the creepy, so we sliced him first…before…

I have myself never seen such happening, nor my wife Catherine as she told, we both were surprised, but appreciated the efforts, the gesture. Rather this than hostility of course.