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office work from home

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A selection of 3 out of the possible 9 gigs.


 Virtual Assistant with 100% accuracy.
As your virtual assistant, I will treat your order  with 100% confidentiality, enthusiasm, making your workload as easy as humanly possible. All that with polite and timely communication, well meant suggestions, positive attention.

Virtual AssistanceAssistant for all office jobs


500 to 1000+ words translation between English, Dutch, Hungarian for:

  • web marketing
  • app descriptions
  • letters (non-legal)
  • local marketing
  • short fictions
  • blogs
  • product descriptions
  • and anything else except medical documents

Regarding technical documents contact me first please to avoid cancellation!

Translations (English-Dutch-Hungarian)

Translation between 3 languages


Data entry job, once or in a regular fashion, up to 3 hours a day. If you need, 5 days a week, every week, every month. Who needs a life anyway?!

  • Data entry
  • Copy Paste
  • Retype PDF/Image
  • Document editing
  • Filling in forms
  • Create contact lists
  • Filling in Excel tables

Data Entry/Research

office work from home

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