Housing in Hungary

Are you looking for a temporary or a forever new home, in Hungary?

You got tired with the recent years’ changes in Benelux or United Kingdom, and it is reason enough to move? Or just a big change needed in your life, maybe an adventure? A place for peaceful retirement (if applicable)?

Well, I can help you:

– I know the country well,

– I know the language, the laws, the culture,

– I know the prices and locations, lawyers, and

– I’m available to help you find your new home for you and your family, for the lowest possible prices, in nice surroundings,

– I do speak Dutch and English, fluently.

Every deal will be done, after visiting and examining locations, with all legal papers, in line with laws and processes. With the help of a lawyer of course, as it should happen.

The lawyer checks, before finalizing any sale details, the property’s legal state, its papers, ownership, and that it’s debt free or not (and if not, providing reason and how much that would be). There cannot be surprises allowed when you start a new life. At least, not bad ones.

There cannot be a language barrier either. I’m there through the entire process until you get the keys and move in (and even a bit after if you invite me to a house party).

What else?

You DO NOT pay me! At least, not directly and definitely not beforehand. The property’s price will contain my fee. That is 5% of the property’s original, advertised price. That’s it, nothing else. It can’t get any more transparent and simple I guess.

Any questions? No problem, contact me if you like: