OMG, it happened!

And it should have been in the news of international outlets, as spicy Breaking News item! All over the world. The thing everyone has talked and joked about so so long, decades, if not centuries, it has been spotted:


However, we still don’t know why! No video footage about the remarkable event

Sadly, right now that is all what we know, as the individual caught the action could only provide above photograph. Authorities and news outlets’ reporters are searching for the delinquent; former to write a fine, latter to have an interview about his true motivations.

One day we might really figure out the mystery…until then, just keep reading serious sounding rubbish like this one here.


Village Day experiences

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Whether it is or not, I am here. With a little colourful (note, UK spelling) report about our town’s (village’s)  Village Day, which gave yesterday for everyone the opportunity to socialize even more and know each other better. Despite the fact that everyone knows always everything about everyone else, or, it seems so.

It was a great saturday: a stage with live music, comedy, karaoke contest; cooking everywhere, on many spots outside above open fire; contests for young and old(er-,est), games, great drinks and fun colours. All that in gorgeous summer weather, around 30 C the whole day. All you could see happy people playing around, eating, baking, chatting (gossips for free!). No worries, no hurries. A place filled with joy, organised by the mayor, town hall, in collaboration literally with the entire village! Amazing.

A little photo report (mind the captions!):

Fun means different things for everyone…was painfully obvious at moments!
What goes in front…
…comes out the bottom! 😀
Well, I think the parents wondered this at first. The child friendliness of the presentation?!
The Country Oven is ON. Country Oven has been built in 2012 together with other towns, in collaboration, and opened with great ceremony.
And tasty things came out. Better presentation than the blow up lion… 🙂
Boys be boys! If it is about a fun day together, we shoot. With air guns only, of course
This is me, having fun….
…and even more now
He looks great, if I may say so myself 😀


The award winning pose! 😉
Mrs. MC VillagePeople.
One of the Country Oven’s products. Fresh, hot, delicious! Made with love….and flour, cheese, eggs, water and all. Lust some?
‘The stage is OURS’…almost literally.
Oh yes, did I say there was REAL cooking involved…
Everything everywhere for every age. That is a community really together!
You know….
‘Just checking…’- eating your food disguised as help, LOL. It’s OK, everyone cooked for everyone.

What I’ve seen and learned hereby is, great things happen when 1000+ people decide to live and not just exist together, in peace by conscious decision, and don’t give a f…feather about anything else for now.

A-Maze with football (soccer)

Yesterday was Maze’s 2nd month on earth so we spoiled the brat more than other days. Even more playing (not that otherwise she wouldn’t have enough), toys, some extra and different dishes…and introduction of a new game for her: let’s play football. Kind of. As far as with a dog can go of course.

As you’re going to see on the videos below, the ball is yet a bit big for her, still handled it, played better with than some real (and well-earning) players of  european FCs. 😀

When you have motivation, other than money… See, Maze has easy, her motivation is fun, social activity, the joy of running and jumping on the grass and challenging each other. I was surprised how well this game went for the very first time with her, she must have it in the genes somewhere. But above that, seeing the joy on a two months old kiddo like this one is priceless.

An event to repeat.

Many times over.


But let’s see how all this goes when really practicing:


A true champion is rising, if you ask me.

When life gives you fruit…

…it’s usually not lemon. Not here at least.

The lately a bit mixed summer weather has its good sides:

  • Little pause with the heat from time to time,
  • We finally received enough rain the last few days,
  • Thanks to the rain and sun combination, fruits are progressing better in the garden and front yard,
  • More blossoms on other plants.

I, of course, still love a nice, happy, warm summer, but it isn’t too disturbing to be able to breath sometimes. And that nothing would burn out, die, in a constant heat and dry season. Now I certainly can’t complain, we got it well. Thank you Big Momma Nature! 🙂

On the other hand: how are YOU all? How is life on your side of the world? I would want to encourage you,visitor, to use the comment section, it’s entirely free. Don’t ever worry if you’re not the usual nice WP-member and you leave a nasty, spammy, negative, or dirty comment. It will be deleted nicely and your arse blocked forever. 😀  So, it’s all OK.

Also Maze, our new member of the family is quite satisfied with current situation, and she shows it:

Mazikeen, the shepherd kid
Mazikeen the mini queen 🙂

Of course, she is now in a loving home; cleaned, fed well and playing as much as she wants. With our limbs as well. Hey, a kid is like that always, right?!


Who lets the dog out?!

Well, she can go out the door to the yards self, but surely in our escort…oh yes, by the way: we got a dog!! Two-three days ago, we saved one from bad circumstances and aggression.

She is 1.5-2 months old, cute and a shepherd type girl. We gave her a name, in short Maze, in full length Mazikeen. Of course we couldn’t give just a simple name like, Lily, or Furry or any other idiocracy.

dog mazikeen
Our new family member, Mazikeen

We cleaned her up, she received good food, drinking water plenty and protection against insects, medical and emotional care, attention. She is quickly recovering from the bad memories of aggression, dirt and being left alone besides the probably rough moments at previous place, the birth place. Now she can feel safe, and it seems she understood it faster than we thought.

On the video above: no, she isn’t sick, just dreaming very actively after a day’s playful activities with me and my wife in our yard and inside the house. She started to run and jump happily after the received care and good words, petting, lovely food and a clean bed. All what she needed. A little love, what she should have received since day one and haven’t from others before.

But no more worries little kiddo, you have a home now, you got a family for yourself now. Even our Roxy starts to think calmly about the situation. Harbor for all! 🙂

Systems, coffee and summer

I haven’t been as often as I thought I could, but the week was a joy anyway. I was busy, as you already could assume: great weather, cats, coffee and operating systems. This last one has been an activity of installs and tests, as I am someone who just cannot WASTE his new laptop on Windows, so I have reviewed, for myself, few linux distributions I loved in the past too, and picked one for my desktop: Old beloved openSUSE Tumbleweed with the Plasma desktop.

I could use Windows 10, but I just love freedom.

Freedom in every aspect of my life, and if that is true, then it goes to my desktop as well. Choosing the amount and type of software goes onto my PC, setting up myself the grade of security, with the tools I do choose for, the way I like it, not a company. I love that I do NOT have to trust a commercially interested company with no ethics and consciousness with them having 24/7 access to my computer (with valuable data and activities on). I love that they CANNOT screw it up with their incompetent updates, forced whenever they see to fit. And that I don’t have to accept their agreement which nobody could ever read through (boring and long)anyway. And from all, I love most the fact that I can use a system makes much more sense and does things as common sense would dictate, and not wasting my time unnecessarily.

But let’s not go on without making recommendations for those fellows are thinking about a switch and ditch. My favourite distributions of Linux in orde of LOVE:

openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE (Plasma 5.xx desktop today)
Manjaro with XFCE (Arch for those who want things easier, faster)
Xubuntu (Ubuntu derrivative with XFCE)
Ubuntu (Unity greatness, but heavier load)
Fedora (because you like challenges and want to be able to appreciate above four distros more)

You are free, so, make yourself entirely free, shatter your digital chains… 🙂

In other news: Roxy, our Bengal mama, amazed my mind again! Yesterday evening she reminded me that I promised her earlier we go out for our usual walk and play time once the heat goes down…a promise made is a debt unpaid. I take such seriously. She is smart and sweet. My intelligent tiger and friend.