OMG, it happened!

And it should have been in the news of international outlets, as spicy Breaking News item! All over the world. The thing everyone has talked and joked about so so long, decades, if not centuries, it has been spotted:


However, we still don’t know why! No video footage about the remarkable event

Sadly, right now that is all what we know, as the individual caught the action could only provide above photograph. Authorities and news outlets’ reporters are searching for the delinquent; former to write a fine, latter to have an interview about his true motivations.

One day we might really figure out the mystery…until then, just keep reading serious sounding rubbish like this one here.


The sentence

I’ll save you from yourself
From those demons of the night
They promise fame and fortune
All that you eagerly desire.
I’ll save you from yourself
From those voices calling you
Sell your soul to evil
Then you’ll be dancing forever.


Credits: Eric Lévi and his group ERA (Award: World Music Award for World’s Best Selling French Album)

Sentence is from the album ERA 2 from 2000. It is the 4th song out of 10 on this spectacular collection of works. Also, IMO, the last good, meaningful and quality work of the group before an inevitable downward-spiral.


Love and Lies

Quote of the month:

From all the poems written on the subject of unrequited love, there are so few on the pain of being the object of that affection. The truth is, Hayley, it’s not love on which the strongest foundations are built. It’s the decency of merciful lies.

Let it sink in.

klaus from originals
The vile wise, Klaus

Cover picture of this post is a courtesy of KellCandido. 

We’ve got Talent…and we’ll show

Truth to be told, I’ve lost my mind and never found it again.

Still, I have next year an audition! The biggest talent show challenge exists: Got Talent series, and from that, Britain’s Got Talent.

britains got talent 2018
Filled and sent the online form, done is done!

What will I do?!

Comedy, good old stand up, and will have one or two good remarks for Simon Cowell as well. I like that judge the most, so I gotta screw his mind a bit up. I have a few comedy show to present there, some material thought of and bringing some elemental sarcasm and wit.

Exciting times are coming… 😀


Store fun

We had a nice shopping day last saturday, and with that, we took a little time to inspect some interesting stuffs, could be (ever) great for our home, garden once.

Once the 6-digit (!!) price drops. Drops by a large margin, my goodness. Like the price of the lawn mower below. Quite pretty thing, sure, but when I saw the price label. F@!# off was my first reaction, then a laugh.

Probably it is nice to work with this item, hell comfortable for sure, and it even comes with a cupholder, but let’s just wait until it gets even more expensive. Like from nuts to insane, would sound so much better as bragging right. Lé sigh…

What do you think, would you buy such?! You like these things?!

Sailing boat…

…in a sea of love, it seems. I mean, after some administrative duties (working from home office), lied down for some nap just to wake to that I’m surrounded:

Like Noah’s ship…in small then 🙂

One, tiger Diego (I know, he grew a lot, right?!), already sleeping with me, hugging me from behind, and later from the front there comes the dog Maze asking (read: demanding) herself up to the board of this “love boat”, with a voice guaranteed one wakes up to!


This is not how it was earlier. That has been as normally would one expect, cat on entire upper level of couch, like a boss:

And cute, of course. Cute Boss, majestic and funny.

And then I think, I might occupy a piece for myself. And I should know better, I know them all! Probably I jus couldn’t care, as no matter how and what, I love them around. Sometimes, literally. Today, for example. Serenity summer, as for a title.

The waking dog
“You leave us now, we are OK”
His majesty the ButtLer 😀

Wifey was more than happy to photo this, even before I woke up to the demanding barking of aMaze the queen. Lovely family, one to be truly happy with. A smile, or 10, for every single day.