Welcome to my digital home

You landed on the personal site of Robert Varga…this isn’t meant to be or feel like a threat 🙂

Do you like to  read easy to digest random ramblings?

Technology? Discussing news, weird stuffs?
Cats maybe?

Then we walk that path together from now on, if you decide so, that is (and more) what this site is about. Everything that moves me, lets me think (food for thought we might suggest), energizes (or opposite), or being able to joke about and…Star Wars, of course, occasionally, as it is my absolute favorite franchise from the world of movies.

a walk to life's happenings as they occur
Let’s walk the path together…it’s going to be fun. Promised! 😉

It will go at times serious, really serious; other moments hilarious with sometimes a hint of sarcasm, wittiness, tear jerking…well, reflecting life itself often, through the posts of this place, categorized articles as good as possible for a better overview, like one would do in a real home. Find them on the top of the site, on the side, and at the bottom as well.

Under every post, as you would expect, there is a comment section. Feel free to express your thoughts, just with manners please (let’s keep things clean and friendly for everyone), tell your opinion, experiences, whatever is on your mind! You are certainly welcome.

Promise of this site and me: I will never bug you with asking you to share, like whichever article, or with terrible advertisements sized half of your screen estate, or newsletter advisement disturbing your reading moments…I hate such too, when that happens as I browse somewhere through and would love to read, inform. I know, when people really like something and they find special, they save and share with their family and friends anyway. Why bugging then, right?!

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